In a Flash

Believe it or not, the sun actually came out this evening for what felt like the first time in weeks. Maybe the novelty was enough for the folks around here to forget the soaring gas prices. I took this picture just a few minutes after a large rainstorm poured itself out in a fury. The sun lit up the sky powerfully and suddenly. If you were awake, you noticed it. After the sun lit up the neighborhood, my wife Toby and I went outside to soak in the fresh glow and maybe some vitamin D, too. Toby remarked how strange it was that the sky could change so quickly, so radically.

I couldn’t help but think of our faith journeys.

After I snapped the first picture, I turned around and was astounded again.

Blue skies! I wonder at how much God has to show us. Sometimes we need to wait. Other times we need to turn around. I wonder, though, how much He wants us to complain in the meantime?

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