“God is on the move!”

I heard something very exciting this morning. My eyes brightened and opened very wide. “God is on the move!” our pastor proclaimed.

Dr. Jay Shetler then took us on a quick trip to a cold and snowy Narnia, when Father Christmas similarly proclaimed that Aslan was on the move, and the Witch’s magic was weakening. Finally, the ice and snow were melting.

As we go about our daily business, if we’re honest, who do we really see as on the move in our lives? Is it ourselves? Someone else? Something else? How often do we find ourselves being pulled by the deceptive charm of an idol? How often do we find ourselves bitter and buried under the weight of some difficulty or pain in our lives? Sometimes we tuck away a quiet awareness of whatever we inwardly proclaim to be moving in our lives — so as not to risk challenging it. But sometimes what is moving stands front, center, and painfully loud. Sometimes it just hurts.

But let us not forget the promise which also rises, as did Jesus from the tomb: The world has no power to make predatory advances on our lives anymore. Yes, the enemy longs to deceive us into believing that he has a right to accuse us and hurt us, but the world can bewitch us no longer with its cold lies. Because a mighty, Holy Lion is on the move again.

And for us!

Let’s start speaking aloud that “God is on the move” again. Even if we have to speak it 1,000 times during the course of a really horrible day. When we start doing that in every circumstance, then we will surely see and hear the roaring, majestic power of a lion unleashed in our lives.

Just as Aslan was on the move, regardless of what the characters faced in those coming chapters and books, so also is our God on the move, regardless of the plot we face in these coming days! So let’s start proclaiming the truth. We need to hear it. All of Narnia needs to hear it.

“God is on the move!”

1 thought on ““God is on the move!”

  1. Once again, you have posted beautiful, thought provoking and encouraging words on this post! Words do hold tremendous power for good or evil. “May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable to you, my God and my redeemer.” “God is on the move – and for us!” As George MacDonald said, He is always doing the best He can for us! Sending love and prayers your way. . .

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