A Blazing Fire in the Eyes

After school I shed my professional educator garb and transformed into “Kwa-Kweenie Kwa-Kwa,” a professional wrestler with extraordinary and mysterious superpowers. I was then pit against a raging four-year-old boy with a blazing fire in his eyes.

We exchanged blows, which were switched up, from time to time, with special moves with equally special names — like “Razor-cut Pincher.” I probably shouldn’t brag when I’m battling against a pre-schooler, but I did fare rather well, I think. I simply dominated. I almost expected a blur of post-match interviews to unfold while a cheering crowd chanted my “Kwa-Kwa” with wild abandon in the background. Alas, they never showed up.

But what did show up was the inspiring spunk and spirit of a four-year-old dreamer. I was very proud of how he clung to his determination with a fierce optimism, even as “Big Kwa-Kwa Daddy” dealt with him.

It’s refreshing to see how God knits us together. A young child can, sometimes, serve as a pure reminder of how we are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” Children remind us that God equips us in life with unique and empowering gifts, including a particular way of looking at the world.

My son Henry has a pretty clear picture of what he wants in any given situation. I do feel a fatherly pride swell in my chest — only at particular times, mind you — when I see how he is willing to fight for what he wants and believes is right.

Of course, later at bedtime, he refused to go to bed. He pulled an illegal move by shouting an obstinate, disrespectful mouthful of “No!” at his mother. We had to deal with that.

When we pull our own illegal moves in life, our Father moves in and deals with us, too. While He commands us to adjust our moves, I believe our loving, proud Father still longs for us to keep that blazing fire in our eyes. And we will keep that vision, as we keep our eyes fixed on Him and not retreat in shame or anger.

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