The Joyful Force

In the fresh, buttery light of morning, a door cracks open from a two-storied brick home. A small boy shuffles away from his cereal-eating and teeth-brushing to descend the steps of the front porch.

He waits for mom on the sidewalk. As the sparrows shoot from the shrubs, his head and body whirl around like R2D2 wearing an oversized backpack.

She walks behind him. After he crosses the first intersection, she stands resolutely and waits, tracking his joyful choreography across three more blocks. He sprints. He slows. He spins. And speaks to unseen superheroes.

And he frolics in my rearview mirror for miles, causing me to consider my steps as I motor toward my classroom.

Have I grown too comfortable from sitting upon a throne of shocks and struts, with a travel mug of hot coffee safely beside me?

Now I begin to wonder. Have passersby seen me leaping and speaking with an Unseen Superhero? Have they detected any wide-eyed gait of grace?

Or have I been standing still and only beeping?

May Your joyful force, Lord, be always with me.

2 thoughts on “The Joyful Force

  1. Matt, Your post captures something of my current thoughts. The verse in Matthew 18 where Jesus said, “Unless you become as a child you cannot enter the Kingdom of God” keeps replaying in my head the last several weeks. Planning on talking about it on Sunday. It’s a difficult line – responsibility and grown up stuff and yet responding as a child. Gary

    • There is a lot of tension wrapped up in that line. Today, though, our family went up to New Buffalo for a day at the beach. The waves were scary monsters. As I faced them, they messed with my head. Still, Toby and I were transfixed. We went out again and again, alone, because we craved that rush. I think some of the draw had to do with surrender. (I hope to turn this experience into a blog post soon.) But I couldn’t help feeling like a child. There’s responsibility, sure. But there’s also a prayerful dance in letting go. Thanks for leaving your comment. You’ve got me thinking again. And I look forward to your message Sunday. Always do. Be well with Presence this week, Gary.

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