Praying Hands

A heavy heart operates its hands like a small fleet of construction trucks. Together, they build or destroy.

They move as the heart guides them. They take on many works.

The illustrated hand that I included for today’s post is one I created with a very unprofessional hand. But as I drew it, I wondered what the other hand was doing.

My wife, though, said it looked like a raptor when she saw it.

This morning.

Maybe because the news this morning was awful. On the south side of the city, someone used a brutal, heartless hand to murder a university professor.

His wife dialed 911. The children were away and playing at a marching band competition. The police had to stop the school busses as they drove into town.

And now, with heavy hearts, we must all join hands. And choose to build as best we can.

4 thoughts on “Praying Hands

  1. This world is taken over by evil. It has been unleashed in these last days. News such as you received happens every day. My heart goes out to this professer’s wife and children. They have been caught in the crossfire of evil. The Lord tells us we will have tribulation on this earth. Praise the Lord it’s only temporary. Your drawing of the hand says many things. To me it says, “Lord, I am helpless on my own, I will walk and live in Your strength.” Thanks and God bless.

    • Yes, a “crossfire of evil” has left wounds upon this world. But we know, too, that we have been healed by the wounds of Christ. There is hope and healing, even in a sealed and silent tomb.

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