Love Believes First

Underneath a capricious prairie sky, we drive east along the Trans-Canada Highway.

The autumn sun is behind us. It pours out all it has left, in yellow and gold, and turns this concrete highway into a river of fire. But today as we drive home from Thanksgiving, we remember how to feel safe in the wispiness of clouds, remaining open to receive whatever comes our way, even as a dark and steely weight walks across the prairie and sets off whispers of a looming storm.

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Many thanks to my friend Jennifer Ferguson of Finding Heaving Today and s(He) Listens Ministries for inviting me to write a guest post for her ongoing marriage series. I hope you'll join me!


6 thoughts on “Love Believes First

  1. I had to read your words here several times. I’ve just missed you and your words that much..
    And you bring such an awesome testimony of what love looks like as you are riding down the road to a new life in Canada. Between what you’ve known and what you are believing in. I felt like I was riding in the back seat, between your two sons, listening to your older son’s questions and watching you and your wife pick out rainbows because you believed they would be there. Because they always have. Because you have faith that they always will. Because you believe. First.
    Yes, this is love. I am so happy that this is the love you and your wife share.
    My heart is smiling.

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