A.M. Wanderlust



James woke up in our bed this morning, and he refused to get out of it.

So I take his older brother, Henry, to the kitchen, where I drizzle some honey on his cereal. The sky is dark and the coffee takes too long. After packing his snack for kindergarten, I guide him through the rest of his morning routine.

With so much patience.

He wants to know if his teeth are clean. Can he wear a different shirt? Did I remember to send money for the Halloween Dance? He wants to wear a different pair of shoes.

“Daddy, it's just that I wore these shoes yesterday. And the day before that.”

We're all dying from the monotony, it seems.

And then I wonder how James is coping with his morning. I open the door. The room's dark. I can't see him, but I hear a voice.

“Daddy?” he calls. “I hear an airplane.”

His voice is soft like pyjamas. He's lying on his back, but his imagination has already crossed a few continents. Quite possibly, he's already had his breakfast with Boba Fett and Luke Skywalker.

“Yes,” I tell him, “I hear the plane, too.”

I take a seat beside him. And as we listen to this moving hum, I kind of remember how a little imagination before breakfast makes for a nicer way to travel.


20 thoughts on “A.M. Wanderlust

  1. :) I can relate to James…that early morning “oh why does this have to feel the best when it’s time to get up; let me just lay here a few minutes longer” feeling!. Makes me want to be a child again and linger in the moment. His pause to imagine gives another meaning to our phrase “Quiet Time” doesn’t it? That pause in the morning to reflect in our own pyjama voice with God.

    • I like your take on Quiet Time, Lorraine! He wants to hear our problems and concerns, yes. But I bet He’d also like for me to spend more time stretching my imagination while sitting on His knee. He gave us the gift for a reason, yes? :)

  2. What lovely musings, Matthew. A little imagination before rising, that is a very good thing. And I, too, loved the pyjama-soft voice bit. Yeah, that’s good.

  3. His voice is soft like pajamas? Oh goodness. I know that sound. And I miss the boys climbing into our bed. I wonder when was the last time? Although the thought breaks my heart a bit. And the plane? The holy pause you took to remember to dream a bit before the day begins? Love this.

    • Your comment about making room for imagination on the breakfast table made me wonder. A lot of the time, doesn’t it feel impossible to practice because the “table” can be such a noisy place? But then: who says imagination needs a quiet place?

      Now to work on stretching that muscle. :)

  4. “We are all dying of monotony, it seems.” This sentence contrasts with the wanderlust so beautifully. It makes me pause and think how easy it is to drown in the everyday details instead of keeping a perspective outside our own humdrum.

  5. Aha ! Finally, caught up with the Happy Wanders in Winnipeg, The morning wanderlust reminds me of happy times of backpacking on national park trails where the standard advice is not to constantly look at your feet but look around with “This is my Father’s World” on your mind. For your mind to wander through the eyes of your precious sons makes me think of a line in the 18th chapter of your namesake “Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” Wander we must as privileged pilgrams proceeding to the Promised.

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