20 thoughts on “Dreaming Together

  1. The dream into another place is in fact the place I found myself dreaming in all along. Finding the beauty in the present, the now, the gift of this right under the bridge of the nose. Its lovely. Even if its a bit broken, busted up and messy. My dreams were always a little wild and wooly.

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  3. I feel thoroughly in act II of several dreams, in the muddle of things, which is nice because it feels like the story is legit enough to make it past inception. But the conflict is strongest here and I am weakest.

    • I came here two days ago and couldn’t think of the right words to reply. I am full of dreams but the challenge was to translate the dreams into sentences.
      Today I read Jason’s response and think to myself that it sounds exactly right. Me too Jason. Act II. Conflict, weaknesses exposed.

  4. Hard to say – into more writing, more learning how to do direction, more travel with my husband, more time with family. Good things, but not exactly earth-shaking giant dreams.

  5. Head of the House

    I’m on my way to live with the head of the house.
    Won’t you join me on my quest ?
    We can enjoy his hospitality for the longest time
    For there is plenty of room for guests.

    I do not fully know him, but will know all over time.
    His son’s a mirror image, his bride assures.
    She’s becoming more like them both
    As o’er their family album she pores.

    She’s beautiful, more lovely every day.
    I know her only partially, I admit with tremors.
    But I access the inspired book that’s shaping her
    And know some of her members.

    The son prepared the way to go & rooms for his bride.
    And we can go too, when he takes her home above,
    As a working body part or as an adopted brother,
    Into this family fold of love.

    We keep our purpose clear, not thinking the book our goal
    Or perfecting the boudoir of the bride.
    The book and the bride are to lead to the son
    Who leads us to where the father abides.

    Preparing, we merge into the Son – about His Father’s business
    Learning, loving and growing each other
    Not usurping God’s roles as judge or holder of the future.
    For God is the head of this house – Heaven: home for His Son & our brothers.

    – Kenneth A. Retzer
    – April 28, 2010

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