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List of Posts
Diner Poem: ‘Tonight’s Special’
Once We Give Them Feet
Love Believes First
The Feeling of Surrender
My Last Day
Writing is Home
Picasso’s Brickwork
When the Light Turns Blue
Valerie’s Got It Covered
Red Heat
Jesus Loves Whitney Houston
Coffee With Gary
Stretching a Prayer
Super Bowls, Plates, and Trophies
Even If China Attacks
Reading and Writing
Thumbs vs. Voices
What’s Cooking?
“Prepare Ye The Way Of The Lord”
Lord, I’m Listening to You, Too.
“Say Anything” on Thanksgiving
Wide Awake
Writing With My Stronger Hand
The Strength of Wind and Water
How Are Your Grades?
Rubbing My Eyes
Praying Hands
Praying With Bill
Brace Yourself
Someone to See the Unseen
The Flames of Obedience
Seeking Treasure
Kind of Blue
The Smack of Loyalty
Holding It Together
A Child Who Leads
An Open Book, an Open Eye
A Prayer That Fits
The Joyful Force
Even Underwater
A Cause for Applause
“I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”
The Blues Cry of a Fruit Fly
My Treat
The Clippings of a Conversation
Invitation vs. Distraction
That Inconceivable Voice
The Tunnel
Footsteps Toward a New Song
Moments Matter
A Lasting Gold
Listening …
Lifting Us Off the Page
Calling Out
A Tiny, Peculiar View of the World
It’s Not What You’re Holding
“Just eat it.”
A Little Madness
Spring Fever?
Through an Open Window
The Language of Emptiness
An Old Wooden Arrow to Point the Way
Room for Heaven in Our Home
The Weight of a Good Word
A Blazing Fire in the Eyes
“God is on the move!”
Here Today
Touch Us with Conviction
Listening with the Tiny Feet of Obedience
In a Flash
The Piercing Light of Christ
A Little More Air Violin, Please
Shining Through Our Mess
A New Vision Rises to the Surface
The Only Story That Matters
Keep Looking
Glory Shines
Digging for Vision
Thankfulness (in pictures)

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