“Prepare Ye The Way”

Photos by Lynne Zehr

A large crowd gathers downtown to share a time of waiting. Surrounded by the soft glow of downtown store marquees and Christmas lights, friends and strangers come to huddle and sing around an unlit tree.

These friends and strangers, it turns out, all play an important part. They’re on a rescue mission, whether they know it or not.

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Lord, I’m Listening to You, Too.

Lately, my wife and I have listened to problems fall down and stack up around us like walls of Lego blocks. So if we can’t see over them right now, could we at least listen to something different?

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A Prayer That Fits

A few years ago Hoosier politicians legislated a moment of silence into the school day. But don’t worry. Those three seconds are not interfering with student learning.

In fact, they could stand an extra shot of espresso.

Because silence is a weak drink these days. In the classroom, in the workplace, and in the home, people are thumbing their noses at it.

Like it’s some kind of cheap coffee.

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Footsteps Toward a New Song

At the last minute, I decided to put on my blue suede shoes with my suit tonight. I was heading out the door for our school’s commencement exercises. I surprised even myself by my attentiveness toward a detail as trivial as my feet.

My wife was a little jolted, too.

Shoes are the last thing I notice about a person. I’m more prone to notice tired eyes or at least bright turquoise earrings. But sitting in the gymnasium tonight, I couldn’t help but consider, at least symbolically, the shoes of my former students, including those from years ago who were sitting in the audience. Continue reading