The Clippings of a Conversation

While Mommy brushed James’ little white teeth with the glittery red strawberry toothpaste, Henry and I knelt beside his bed to wait for bedtime prayers. Just like two adults, we skated over the time with smalltalk. But then I asked him to share his favorite moment from the day.
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Invitation vs. Distraction

Before we left the house this morning, I followed Henry and James around the house with two large blue robot-printed bags and had them choose toys and books for their big adventure. The boys were going to sit with Mommy and Daddy at church today, instead of going to their usual class, because it was Family Worship Sunday.

Henry chose some farm animals to whom he has become quite attached lately. Just yesterday, he conducted a marriage ceremony for two of them, a love-struck horse and cow. So I commended him on his choice this morning, noting church would be a good way to begin their honeymoon.

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A Blazing Fire in the Eyes

After school I shed my professional educator garb and transformed into “Kwa-Kweenie Kwa-Kwa,” a professional wrestler with extraordinary and mysterious superpowers. I was then pit against a raging four-year-old boy with a blazing fire in his eyes.

We exchanged blows, which were switched up, from time to time, with special moves with equally special names — like “Razor-cut Pincher.” I probably shouldn’t brag when I’m battling against a pre-schooler, but I did fare rather well, I think. I simply dominated. I almost expected a blur of post-match interviews to unfold while a cheering crowd chanted my “Kwa-Kwa” with wild abandon in the background. Alas, they never showed up.

But what did show up was the inspiring spunk and spirit of a four-year-old dreamer. I was very proud of how he clung to his determination with a fierce optimism, even as “Big Kwa-Kwa Daddy” dealt with him. Continue reading

A Little More Air Violin, Please

There is nothing like having lunch with a preschooler. This afternoon, Henry explained to me how the body digests food while eating a stick of celery spread with peanut butter and a family of ants. Apparently, the food goes down a tunnel and then travels all the way to Canada. Upon reaching The Great White North, the chewed up, stringy green package visits a candy factory where it actually becomes sweet candy. Finally, it travels up the tunnel again into the mouth as delicious candy. And with the added bonus of ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate chips.

A little while later, I caught him very passionately holding a slice of red pepper and playing “air violin” with his index finger.

It’s a refreshing blessing to sit and dine with childlike imagination. As adults, I have a feeling we don’t draw on this gift as much as God would like. Perhaps we should be peppering our prayers with a little more air violin.