Someone to See the Unseen

While daydreaming from a metal folding chair, I saw my grandfather praying.

I had been listening to a class discussion which revolved around the subject of Henri Nouwen’s book, In the Name of Jesus: Reflections on Christian Leadership.

But the long fingers of my memory thumbed backward through the pages of my life until my grandfather stood before me.

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Holding It Together

One shouldn’t underestimate the power of a paper clip.

I sat down at my computer Friday morning to see how much e-mail and coffee I could take in before the first bell rang. I didn’t get through much because the message at the top of my inbox was addressed from a student who graduated two years ago.

She was on my newspaper staff during her senior year. She was an instigator.

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A Child Who Leads

Jumping and pointing, my son couldn’t stop shouting. “Daddy, a rainbow! Daddy, there’s a rainbow! Look!”

Once I saw it, something in me felt like shouting, too — though not quite as loudly as a four year-old.

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A Prayer That Fits

A few years ago Hoosier politicians legislated a moment of silence into the school day. But don’t worry. Those three seconds are not interfering with student learning.

In fact, they could stand an extra shot of espresso.

Because silence is a weak drink these days. In the classroom, in the workplace, and in the home, people are thumbing their noses at it.

Like it’s some kind of cheap coffee.

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A Little More Air Violin, Please

There is nothing like having lunch with a preschooler. This afternoon, Henry explained to me how the body digests food while eating a stick of celery spread with peanut butter and a family of ants. Apparently, the food goes down a tunnel and then travels all the way to Canada. Upon reaching The Great White North, the chewed up, stringy green package visits a candy factory where it actually becomes sweet candy. Finally, it travels up the tunnel again into the mouth as delicious candy. And with the added bonus of ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate chips.

A little while later, I caught him very passionately holding a slice of red pepper and playing “air violin” with his index finger.

It’s a refreshing blessing to sit and dine with childlike imagination. As adults, I have a feeling we don’t draw on this gift as much as God would like. Perhaps we should be peppering our prayers with a little more air violin.