Kind of Blue

Friday is for throwing out a week of stale chord progressions for a good pair of jeans. It’s for playing with scales and avoiding the usual trappings of key changes.

Fridays are my Kind of Blue.

The sky had just put on a soft robe of periwinkle when I got to school. A slow breeze stirred, and I felt a promising movement in the crisp September air.

Or maybe it was my third shot of espresso.
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Holding It Together

One shouldn’t underestimate the power of a paper clip.

I sat down at my computer Friday morning to see how much e-mail and coffee I could take in before the first bell rang. I didn’t get through much because the message at the top of my inbox was addressed from a student who graduated two years ago.

She was on my newspaper staff during her senior year. She was an instigator.

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A Cause for Applause

“There is no massing of men with God.”

— George MacDonald

After the bell rang, I walked into my classroom to face the first herd of the school year. Two dozen still unidentified bodies had been severed in half. The sand-colored laminate blade of a large tabletop saw had made its fresh, horizontal cut into the chest of each of my students — stopping just short of the heart.

And here they thought they were just sitting down in their desks.

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A Lasting Gold

I serve as the newspaper advisor at my school. It is a great opportunity to pull students into the realm of words. We live in a society which feeds on images and short bursts of texts and digital characters, so it’s satisfying to expose students to something deeper, more powerful.

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Lifting Us Off the Page

Word by word, time stretches across the nouns and verbs of my day, like a long, linear blue ribbon from the edge of a cursor, tentatively highlighting the scattered, choppy fragments of the day. 

Time helps me bind those circumstances into sentences, into something that hopefully matters. Every day I struggle for a word-processed coherence, doing my best to compose meaning and structure as I go. But often there isn’t time to cut. Let alone to paste. Continue reading